Why is Scott’s Hotrods IFS Different?  

That’s Simple!  Scott’s Hotrods will build an Independent Front Suspension specifically for YOUR vehicle.  We even build IFS kits for Cab-Over Van & Truck vehicles like the ’61-’67 Ford Econoline, ’64-’70 Dodge A100 and ’64-’70 Chevy Van.

Check out our IFS QC Gallery to view a wide variety of IFS Kits we recently shipped out. 

Scott’s Front Steer IFS for Cab-Over Vans & trucks kits comes with a special order Steering Rack with a Forward-Facing Pinion.  This is NOT a universal Mustang II kit poorly adapted to fit your van.  We manufacture our true Independent Front Suspension (IFS) kits with a 100% TIG-welded 1-piece crossmember with 2″x4″ frame rail stubs built specifically for each and every cab-over application.  Your Cab-Over Van or Truck will handle 1000% better with one of our kits underneath it

Want to swap in a late model drivetrain?

Want a specific ride height?

Cruiser, Drag Race or ProTouring?

Coilovers or Airbags?

We have you covered!

Starting at $3,690

Call to order today!

• One-piece crossmember 2”x4”x3/16”-wall box tubing

•Frame Rail Sections

• Tubular Upper & Lower A-Arms, 1-1/8”x1/4”-wall seamless DOM tubing

• Oversized Serviceable Press-In Ball Joints

• 11” Plain Brake Rotors (5 on 4.5” or 4.75” Bolt Pattern)

•Wilwood 4-Piston Calipers

• Aldan American Single-Adjustable Coilovers or Slam Specialties SS-6 Slam Bags w/internal bump

• CNC Machined Fully Adjustable Upper A-Arm Rod Ends

• Built-in Anti-Dive

• Custom Van Rack & Pinion and Rack Mounts

• Standard or Drop Forged Steel Spindles


*Required for Airbags:
• RideTech HQ Single-Adjustable Shocks (Rebound) $330


• Custom Track Width

• Motor Mounts $168+

• Powder coating (A-Arms & Spindles ONLY) $550

• Wilwood Mustang II ProSpindles $230

• Standard 1” Solid Sway Bar $324

• Torsion Spline Sway Bar $700

• Steel Braided Brake Lines w/Banjo fitting for GM Calipers $98

• Wilwood 4-Piston Caliper Upgrade $336

• Steel Braided Brake Lines w/-3AN for Wilwood Calipers $83

• Wilwood 11”, 12”, 13”, 14” Brake Kits $812+


• Aldan American Single-Adjustable (Rebound) (included)

• Aldan American Double-Adjustable (Rebound/Compression) $560

• RideTech Single-Adjustable (Rebound) $728

• RideTech Triple Adjustable (Rebound/High & Low Compression) $1,848


Scott's Hotrods IFS Quote Form

A qualified professional mechanic or fabricator with the technical understanding of product function and installation procedures must install all Scott’s Hotrods products. Be sure to properly bleed your power rack

Scott’s FAQs

*Ford Rear Sump Oil Pan Required M-6675-A50
*GM Performance Parts LS Engine Oil Pan 12628771

We stand behind ALL of the parts we manufacture.  Other parts that we do not manufacture such as brakes, steering racks, ball joints, brake flex lines, power steering lines, etc carry their own manufacturers warranties.  We are not responsible for these items outside of their original warranty.

All of Scott’s Hotrods manufactured parts are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials & workmanship for the lifetime of the part. Scott’s Hotrods warranty is non-transferable.

Borgeson Universal Pressure Reducing kit for use with LS Power Steering Pumps 899001

Flaming River VDOG Variable Angle Gears FR20303

1949 Chevrolet 3100 – Installing modern suspension in an early Chevy pickup

Econoline Van SuperSlam IFS & 4-Bar Install

Scott’s Independent Front Suspension (IFS)

Scott’s Hotrods believes in Quality, Creativity, Engineering & Workmanship.  These qualities go into all of its suspension kits.  Scott’s does not settle for inferior materials or products and neither should you when it comes to the suspension on your custom hot rod.  No matter how pretty your paint sparkles, how plush your seats feel or how much power you say you have under the hood, if your vehicle handles and rides poorly, nothing else matters.

Scott’s Hotrods manufactures the BEST Independent Front Suspension (IFS) for ANY Year, Make & Model vehicle from 1925 to 1987.  No other suspension manufacturer comes close.  Scott’s IFS kits have never been and will never be Mustang II Kits.  Scott’s True IFS kits are not universal and are designed for each and every vehicle application.  Although many kits appear very similar, all the dimensions and geometry are engineered to work for specific applications.

All of the IFS kits are built from scratch materials in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Metal is sourced from trusted, quality sources and delivered weekly.  Scott’s in-house CNC Mills and Lathes cut many of the components used on each and every kit including the Cross Tubes, Ball Joint Cups, Rack & Shock Bungs, Stainless Steel Adjustable Upper A-Arm Rod Ends and A-Arm Tubes.  The in-house HD Plasma table cuts all of the tabs.  Every IFS kit is 100% TIG-welded and Quality Checked before it is packed up and shipped out to the customer.

Scott’s stands behind ALL of the parts it manufactures. Other parts that Scott’s does not manufacture such as brakes, steering racks, ball joints, brake flex lines, power steering lines, bearings, seals, etc. carry their own manufacturers’ warranties. Scott’s is not responsible for these items outside of their original warranty.