Why is Scott’s Hotrods Different?  

Our Independent Front Suspension is NOT a Mustang II Kit.  It never was based off a Mustang II Suspension.  Scott’s Hotrods ‘n Customs IFS Kits are True Independent  Front Suspension Kits featuring Tubular Upper & Lower A-Arms designed specifically for each and every vehicle.  We do not use a 3-piece style crossmember with spring pocket hats. We do not use T-Bolt slider adjusters that CAN come loose.  We only use Coilovers or Airbags with external shock.  Our Suspension can be dialed in precisely and can never be knocked out of alignment.  We 100% TIG Weld our kits.  We only use 5/8″ or Larger Grade 8 Hardware.

Check out our IFS QC Gallery to view a wide variety of IFS Kits we recently shipped out. 

This ’75-’79 Bolt-On Nova IFS clip is the perfect answer for those who want to update their suspension and handling without cutting or welding.  Designed to be a true bolt-on unit for your Nova and for those looking to get true G-machine handling; without all the hassle of welding and fabricating.  Like all of Scott’s IFS systems, this unit is still a 100% custom unit, even though the clip itself is a bolt-on.   That is the reason why our Scott’s clip is superior to our competitors. The difference is in the suspension and how we build it.  If you are looking for a tunable coilover suspension, Scott’s will manufacture each individual component to be user tunable with correct suspension geometry.  We also offer this kit as a SuperSlam kit with Airbags and shocks that allows you to adjust your ride height while maintaining the correct camber and caster with zero bump-steer.  

Starting at $5,169

• 1-piece crossmember 2”x4”x3/16”-wall box tubing

• Bolt-On SubFrame

• Unequal-length A-Arms, 1-1/8”x1/4”-wall seamless DOM tubing

• Oversized Serviceable Press-In Ball Joints

• 11” Plain Brake Rotors w/Single Piston GM Caliper (5×4.75″ Bolt Pattern)

• Single-Adjustable Coilovers or Airbags

• Stainless Steel Fully Adjustable Upper A-Arm Rod Ends

• Built-in Anti-Dive

• Manual Steering Rack & Pinion

• Standard 1” Solid Sway Bar

• Standard or Dropped Forged Steel Spindles


Scott's Hotrods IFS Pricing 2023

COILOVER IFS KITAldan Single-Adjustable Coilovers, Manual Rack, Tubular A-Arms, Forged Spindles, 11" Rotors, GM caliper, 5x4.5" or 4.75"$3,075
Spring Pocket Replacement IFS KITSpring Pocket Replacement Kits$3,322
Bolt-On IFS KITBolt-On IFS ('48-'54 & '63-'87 Chevy Trucks)$3,567
Bolt-On IFS ('55-'59 Chevy Trucks)$4,128
Van/Cabover IFS KITVan & Cabover IFS Kits$4,059
Rear Steer IFS KITPre 1934 Cars$4,237
IFS ClipCamaro$5,169
Tri 5$5,169
Nova II$4,307
75-79 Nova$5,169
SuperSlam KitsSlam Specialties SS-6 Bags, RideTech HQ Single-Adjustable Shocks+$400
C10 CradlesMotor Mount Cradles ONLY+$140
CoiloversAldan American Single-Adjustable$0
RideTech Single-Adjustable+$750
Aldan American Double-Adjustable+$550
RideTech Triple-Adjustable+$1,850
Rack & PinionPower Rack & Pinion+$310
Right Hand Drive Power Rack & Pinion+$950
Rear Steer Power Rack & Pinion+$950
Sway Bar1" Solid Sway Bar+$356
Torsion Spline Sway Bar+$770
Wilwood SpindlesWilwood ProSpindle, Standard or Drop+$350
Brakes UpgradesWilwood Calipers ONLY, 4-Piston, Black or Red (15" Diameter Wheel Minimum)+$400
Wilwood Calipers ONLY, 4-Piston, Polished (15" Diameter Wheel Minimum)+$470
4-Piston11" D&S Wilwood Kit, Red or Black (15" Diameter Wheel Minimum)+$1,065
4-Piston11" D&S Wilwood Kit, Polished (15" Diameter Wheel Minimum)+$994
4-Piston12" D&S Wilwood Kit, Red or Black (16" Diameter Wheel Minimum)+$1,124
4-Piston12" D&S Wilwood Kit, Polished (16" Diameter Wheel Minimum)+$1,054
6-Piston12" D&S Wilwood Kit, Red or Black (16" Diameter Wheel Minimum)+$1,290
6-Piston13" D&S Wilwood Kit, Red or Black (17" Diameter Wheel Minimum)+$2,085
6-Piston13" D&S Wilwood Kit, Polished (17" Diameter Wheel Minimum)+$2,181
6-Piston14" D&S Wilwood Kit, Red or Black (18" Diameter Wheel Minimum)+$2,270
6-Piston14" D&S Wilwood Kit, Polished (18" Diameter Wheel Minimum)+$2,493
6-Piston, AERO614" D&S Wilwood Kit, Red or Black, AERO6 Caliper (18" Diameter Wheel Minimum)+$2,465
Special Bolt Pattern w/Standard Rotor5x5.5"
5X5" 4-Piston
12" D&S Wilwood Kit, Red or Black, 5x5"+$1,418
6-Piston12" D&S Wilwood Kit, Red or Black, 5x5"+$1,595
6-Piston13" D&S Wilwood Kit, Red or Black (ProSpindle ONLY), 5x5"+$2,114
6-Piston14" D&S Wilwood Kit, Red or Black (ProSpindle ONLY), 5x5"+$2,299
AERO6-Piston15" D&S Wilwood Kit, Red or Black (ProSpindle ONLY) 19" Wheel Minimum$2,614

Scott's Hotrods IFS CLIP Quote Form

A qualified professional mechanic or fabricator with the technical understanding of product function and installation procedures must install all Scott’s Hotrods products.  After installation, front end alignment is required. Be sure to properly bleed your power rack

We stand behind ALL of the parts we manufacture.  Other parts that we do not manufacture such as brakes, steering racks, ball joints, brake flex lines, power steering lines, etc carry their own manufacturers warranties.  We are not responsible for these items outside of their original warranty.

All of Scott’s Hotrods manufactured parts are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials & workmanship for the lifetime of the part. Scott’s Hotrods warranty is non-transferable.

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