Why is Scott’s Hotrods Different?  

Scott’s Hotrods ‘n Customs continually expands its products with new innovative designs and ideas to bring a BETTER product to the market.

The Brand-New Billet Line Clamps are just another innovation by the talented team at Scott’s Hotrods ‘n Customs. CNC Machined from 6061 Billet Aluminum. Designed and engineered to clean up the routing of soft & hard lines on your custom hotrod. Scott’s Billet Line Clamps two-piece design allows for easy installation. It sandwiches your soft or hard lines and is secured with a stainless steel 10-32 button head bolt. Available in most common sizes for Fixed or Floating styles.

Starting at $13

Direct Bolt-In Replacement Pedal with all necessary hardware.

Welding & fabricating required for installation.  A qualified professional mechanic or fabricator with the technical understanding of product function and installation procedures must install all Scott’s Hotrods products.

All of Scott’s Hotrods manufactured parts are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials & workmanship for the lifetime of the part. Scott’s Hotrods warranty is non-transferable.

LC-8801FixedSingle3/16"Hard Brake Lines -3AN $13
LC-8825FixedSingle3/16"Coped 1-1/2" tubing, Hard Brake -3AN $15
LC-8802FixedSingle1/4"Hard Brake Lines, Air Lines$16
LC-8803FixedSingle3/8"Hard Fuel Line -6AN$18
LC-8826FixedSingle1/2"Hard Fuel Line -8AN $18
LC-8804FixedSingle.550"Soft Fuel Line -6AN $18
LC-8829FixedSingle.650"Soft Braided Fuel Line -8AN$18
LC-8820FixedDual3/16" x 3/8"Hard Brake & Hard Fuel Line Combo, -3AN & -6AN $30
LC-8821FixedDual3/8" x 3/8"Hard Fuel Lines -6AN$30
LC-8828FloatingDual3/8" x 3/8"Hard Fuel Lines -6AN$30
LC-8807FixedDual1/2" x 1/2"Hard Fuel Lines -8AN $30
LC-8824FixedDual3/8" x 1/2"Hard Fuel Lines -6AN & -8AN $30
LC-8818FixedDual.550" x .550" Soft Braided Fuel Lines -6AN$30
LC-8809FixedDual.550" x .750"Flexible Hose$30
LC-8822FloatingDual.550" x .750"Flexible Hose$38
LC-8810FixedDual9/16" x 7/8"Soft Braided Fuel Lines -6AN & -10AN$30
LC-8819FloatingDual3/4" x 3/4"Flexible Hose$38
LC-8816FloatingDual7/8" x7/8"Soft Braided Fuel Lines -10AN$38
LC-8817FloatingDual1" x 1"Flexible Hose$40
LC-8823FloatingDual9/16" x 7/8"Soft Braided Fuel Lines -6AN & -10AN$38
LC-8827FixedDual3/4" x 1"Heater Hoses$38
LC-8814FloatingDual3/4" x 1"Heater Hoses$38

LC-8801, LC-8802, LC-8803, LC-8804, LC-8807, LC-8809, LC-8810, LC-8814, LC-8816, LC-8817, LC-8818, LC-8819, LC-8820, LC-8821, LC-8822, LC-8823, LC-8824, LC-8825, LC-8826, LC-8828, LC-8829

Scott’s Hotrods offers comprehensive manufacturing services, backed by our award winning commitment to quality and service. Our vertically integrated contract manufacturing services include: CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, welding, powder coating, anodizing, mechanical assembly, integration and test, warehousing and on-demand delivery.

Scott’s Hotrods comprehensive in-house manufacturing capabilities allows us to control the quality and delivery of products at every step of the manufacturing process…if you can dream it, we can manufacture it. Just supply us with a drawing or a sample and let Scott’s Hotrods turn your dream into reality!  Can’t draw or sketch? Don’t worry Scott’s CNC programmer can design your concept into reality.

Scott’s Hotrods combines clean, modern facilities, the latest equipment, and a highly skilled work force all under one roof, to deliver parts to your specifications; on-time and at competitive prices.

Scott’s Hotrods specializes in close-tolerance milling and turning of small to medium size parts in a wide variety of materials. We can machine everything from 6061 T6 aluminum to T-304 stainless steel to high nickel aerospace alloys. We regularly hold tolerances of .0005-inch. Lot quantities range from single-part prototypes to high-volume production runs. CNC Programming is done using Mastercam & Solid Works, which allows us to program directly from our customers engineering data.