Scott’s Hotrods continues to be at the forefront of unique custom hot rod parts. Decades of experience building custom vehicles, manufacturing suspension kits and machining one-off parts adds to the styling and functionality of everything that is produced in-house at Scott’s Hotrods in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Scott’s Hotrods Direct Fit GM Drive-By-Wire (DBW) CNC Billet Aluminum Gas Pedal is the best upgrade you can make to the interior of your custom build. This new gas pedal is a direct replacement and a significant upgrade from the stock plastic pedal. This pedal features a rocking pedal pad for consistent foot-to-pedal contact throughout its travel. You will feel confident whether you are simply cruising down Main Street or trying to bury the pedal through the floor while letting every single American-Made Horsepower scream out of the tailpipes in the name of freedom!

Installation is simple… You will first pull the stock DBW pedal assembly out of the package from GM. Secure the Pedal in a vice and knock out the Pin attaching the plastic Pedal to the metal Throttle Arm. The Scott’s Billet Pedal utilizes that same hole and is secured with a #10×32 bolt.

You can even send us your Stock Pedal Assembly and we will professionally install it for FREE!



scotts hotrods direct fit DBW gas pedal ls engine gm throttle

Scott’s Hotrods GM Drive-By-Wire (DBW) Billet Gas Pedal, PA-2376