Do you build a suspension kit or chassis for my vehicle?
YES!  We manufacture vehicle-specific, not universal, suspension kits and complete chassis for ANY year/make/model vehicle 1925-1987.

15” MINIMUM Wheel Required to fit our Suspension Kits & Chassis

Can I get a chassis/suspension quote?
Email or Call 800-273-5195

How do I bleed my new power rack & pinion?
1 -Fill your power steering reservoir with power steering fluid
2 -Jack the front of the car high enough so the tires are off the ground
3 – Turn the steering wheel back and forth from Lock to Lock at a slow steady pace about 25 times
4 – Check fluid level and top off as needed
6 – Turn the steering wheel back and forth from Lock to Lock at a slow steady pace about 50-100 times
7 – Check fluid level and top off as needed
8 – Continue until ALL of the air is out of the system

What is my new power rack & pinion out of?
Our New Power Rack & Pinion Steering Racks fit an ’89-’90 Ford Thunderbird.  We do not use remanufactured racks.

What are the fitting sizes for my power rack & pinion?
9/16″-18 thread pressure (bottom), 5/8″-18 thread return (top)
See Scott’s Hotrods Power Steering Line Kits

Where can I get Fittings to Convert my Power Rack Fittings to AN?
Summit Racing: Unisteer Power Steering Adapter Fittings 8026070 

What Steering U-Joints do I use?
Power Rack: 3/4″ x 36-spline
Manual rack: 9/16″ x 26-spline

What power steering pump should I use with my new rack & pinion?
Any Power Steering Pump will work with our Rack & Pinions.  The Newer Higher-Pressure Systems may require a Pressure Reducing Valve RP1300 (2gpm)

Alignment Specs:
Toe IN:  1/16″ to 1/8″ 
Caster:  4º to 7º
Camber:  Street 0º.  More Aggressive Driving:  -0.5º

What size bolts are used for my…?
All Hardware sizes can be found in our instructions.

Transmission Mount
Most Chevy Transmissions – Anchor 2268
Ford 6R80 requires an Adapter that we manufacture

Oil Pans
GM Performance Parts LS Engine Oil Pan 12628771
Holley Retrofit LS Oil Pan 302-2
Ford Rear Sump Oil Pan Required SBF M-6675-A50

Do you have Instructions for your suspension kits?

What bearings, seals, 11″ Plain Vented Brake Rotor, Single Piston Caliper & Brake Pads can I purchase as replacements?
Our kits utilize a 1975-1979 Ford Granada Hub.  These parts are available from Scott’s or your local Auto Parts store.
Inner Bearing: A13  Outer Bearing: A12  Seal: VB193252
Single-Piston GM Calipers & Pads: ’82-’93 Chevrolet S10

Are the Ball Joints Screw-In or Press-In?
Press-In. 1978 Chrysler Cordoba Lower Ball Joint

Why don’t you offer 6-Lug options for your chassis?
Wilwood does not offer a 6-Lug Brake Hub for the spindles we use.

What Lug Nuts Fit My Chassis?
1/2″-20 Lug Nuts

What Lug Nuts Fit My IFS Kit 11″ Plain Vented Rotors?
5×4.5″ Bolt Pattern: 1/2″-20
5×4.75″ Bolt Pattern: 7/16″-20

What Gear Oil should I use in my Moser 9″?
Lucas Oil Heavy Duty 85w/140, Mineral Based, 10045.  Do NOT use Synthetic.

What is the Rear End Flange on the Moser 9″ from Scott’s Hotrods?
Big Ford – New Style, 2.50″ Offset