Rick Staples ’61 Ford Galaxie features Scott’s Hotrods SuperSlam IFS and Equal-Length Parallel 4-Bar kits. Rick installed these kits and loves driving the car around. Photos were taken at the 2019 Back to the 50s weekend in Minneapolis, MN.

Scott’s Front Steer SuperSlam IFS kits come with Slam Specialties SS-6 slam bags with internal bump-stops.  This is NOT a Mustang II kit.  We manufacture our true Independent Front Suspension (IFS) kits with a 100% TIG-Welded 1-piece crossmember built specifically for each and every application.  If your American made car is built between 1925 and 1987, we can design and build a kit for it. 


Most hot-rodder’s upgrade their front suspension, but forget to address their rear suspension, which is just as important to the ride and handling of their car. Often times so much focus is spent on the front suspension of a hot rod that it can actually reduce the drivability of the vehicle because of excessive rake or unmatched spring rates. Simply put, Leaf Springs Suck.

Scott’s Rear Suspension is quite simply….simple. The 4-Bar Rear Suspension Kit is designed to be both user-friendly and fully adjustable at the same time.  We use our CNC Machined & Tapped Stainless Steel Rod Ends with right-hand or left-hand thread. This allows the user to adjust the pinion angle and set up without unbolting the link bars. The same 1-1/8”x .250-wall, DOM tubing is used for the Link & Panhard bars. All bars are CNC machined in house by Scott’s to maintain the strictest quality control in manufacturing.

Scott’s Equal-Length Parallel 4-Bar Kit simple design will greatly improve the ride quality and handling of your hot rod or custom.  The parallel bar design works very well for all applications. The Pinion Angle does NOT change throughout the travel of the suspension, unlike a Triangulated 4-Link system.  A Triangulated 4-Link has inherent design flaws as the pinion angle changes as the suspension travels up and down, which can lead to poor cornering, especially on uneven pavement.

Coilovers OR Airbags, your choice.  Coilovers are the most popular for everyday cruisers and Airbag kits are for those who want to lay their vehicle on the ground.  We offer a C-Notch for Low Coilover kits and a full Step Notch for bagged kits.

A Panhard bar is used to control the lateral movement of the rear suspension.  Scott’s 4-bar kits utilize a bar as long as possible per vehicle application to ensure the least amount of lateral movement.

You can also step up your game with a Scott’s Watt’s Link and eliminate lateral movement altogether.  A Watt’s Link utilizes a mount off the rear end housing directly in the center.  It uses 1 arm above and 1 arm below the center pivot point.  These arms attach to either side of the vehicle’s frame.  This keeps the rear end dead center as the vehicle suspension travels up and down, no matter if the vehicle is leaning in either direction.