Possessed takes home the coveted Goldmark award and statue at the 2010, 38th annual Boise Roadster Show. Possessed also took home The “ISCA 1st in class”, the “Best Rod” award, and the Ogdens Chrome Pick. Congratulations to the crew at Scott’s for once again setting the bar.

“America’s Most Beautiful Roadster for 2010 was awarded to “Possessed,” the beautiful ’33 roadster built by Scott’s Hot Rods and Customs in Oxnard, California. The concept behind the design was to blend the car Ford built in 1933 with the designs employed by European coach builders of the same era. Every component of the body is hand built.”

Year By Year AMBR Winners: 1950-2020
YearOwnerCar Year/Make/ModelBuilder
1950Bill Niekamp’29 Ford track noseBill Niekamp
1951Rico Squaglia’23 Ford Model T track noseRico Squaglia
1952Bud Crackbon’25 Ford Model T track nose
1953Dick Williams’27 Ford Model TDick Williams
1954Frank Rose’27 Ford Model TFrank Rose
1955Ray Anderegg’27 Ford Model TRay Anderegg
tie w/Blackie Gejeian’27 Ford Model T modifiedBlackie Gejeian
1956Eddie Bosio’32 FordEddie Bosio
1957Jerry Woodward’29 Ford Model AJerry Woodward
1958Richard Peters ’29 Ala Kart T pickupGeorge Barris
1959Richard Peters’29 Ala Kart T pickupGeorge Barris
1960Chuck Krikorian’29 Emperor show rodBarris/Krikorian
1961Rich Guasco’29 Ford Model ARich Guasco
1962George Barris’27 Ford Model TGeorge Barris
1963LeRoi “Tex” Smith’27 T (XR/6)LeRoi “Tex” Smith
1964Don Tognotti’14 Ford Model TDon Tognotti
1965Carl CasperGhost show rodCarl Casper
1966Don Lokey’27 Ford Model T pickupDon Lokey
1967Bob ReisnerInvader show rodDon Borth
1968Bob ReisnerInvader show rodDon Borth
tie w/Joe WilhelmWild Dream show rod
1969Alien show rod
1970Andy Brizio’23 Instant T RPUAndy Brizio
1971Lonnie Gilbertson’23 Ford Model T
1972John Corno’30 Ford Model ARuss Meeks
1973Chuck Corsello’23 Ford Model T bucket
1974Jim Vasser’23 Ford Model T tub
1975Lonnie Gilbertson’23 Ford Model T
1976Bob Sbarbaro’23 Ford phaeton
1977Jim Molino’23 Ford Model T
1978Phil Cool’32 FordPhil Cool
1979Brian Burnett’32 Ford DeucariDick “Magoo” Megugorac
1980John Corno’28 Ford Model AJohn Buttera
1981John Siroonian’32 Ford
1982Jamie Musselman’33 FordBoyd Coddington
1983Chuck Lombardo’32 FordChuck Lombardo
1984Don Varner’27 T California StarDon Varner/Ron Covell
1985’33 Ford phaeton Boyd Coddington
1986Jim McNamara’33 FordDon Thelan
1987James Ells’32 FordRoy Brizio
1988Ermie Immerso’32 FordErmie Immerso
1989Ermie Immerso’25 Ford track nose TErmie Immerso
1990Butch Martino’32 Ford show rodBoyd /Craig Naff
1991Ermie Immerso’25 Ford T track noseErmie Immerso
1992Dennis Varni’29 Ford Model ABoyd Coddington
1993Don Raible’32 Ford
1994Joe MacPherson’29 Ford Model AJoe MacPherson
1995Fred Warren’37 Ford cabrioletBoyd/Foose/Naff
1996Boyd Coddington’32 Ford BoydsterBoyd/Chip Foose
1997Bob Young’37 FordDon Pilkenton
1998Dave Emery’32 FordDave Emery
1999Fred Warren’32 FordChip Foose
2000Chuck Svatos’32 FordChip Foose
2001Richard Berg’33 FordFoose/Barry White
2002Paul Trussell’32 FordDon’s Hot Rods
2003George Lange’32 FordFoose/Bobby Alloway
2004Charlie Lambetecchio’36 FordLarry Ruth
2005’32 FordSteve Moal
2006Ken Reister’36 FordChip Foose
2007’35 FordRoger Burman
2008Rudy Necoechea’32 FordScott’s Hot Rods
2009Harry Willett’32 FordWillett Coach Works
2010Michael Dingman’33 FordScott’s Hot Rods
2011Daryl Wolfswinkel’33 FordSqueeg Jerger
2012Bill Lindig’27 Ford Indy SpeedsterHowerton/Chapouris
2013John Mumford’27 Ford Track TRoy Brizio
2014Wes Rydell’35 Chevy phaetonTroy Trepanier
2015Larry Olson’33 Ford roadsterBobby Alloway
2016Darryl Hollenbeck’32 Ford roadsterDarryl Hollenbeck
2017Bruce Wanta’36 PackardHollywood Hot Rods, Troy Ladd
2018Dave Martin’32 Ford roadster
2019George Poteet’36 Ford roadsterPinkee’s Rod Shop