Here at Scott’s Hotrods ‘n Customs we pride ourselves on building a top-quality product no matter the size. From our Billet Line Clamps to our Complete Rolling Chassis, Quality, Creativity, Engineering and Workmanship encompass everything we do. Below is an email we received from our good customer and now Tennessee neighbor Darrell Yates:

Just thought you deserve a quick thank you today for likely saving my life…
I got a new sliding jack for the lift I keep the Chevy Truck on for Christmas today. Will make doing tires and suspension work easier as I can now get all 4 tires up in the air at the same time.

Of course, I had to take the truck down to get the second sliding jack on the lift. While the truck is down, sitting in the sunshine in the driveway, the wife says “lets take the truck for a quick spin”… Of course, I’m willing.

I hadn’t gotten 2 miles from the house before the incident. I’m driving very reasonably, as I must when the wife is with me. So, I’m cruising on a 2 lane State Highway, at about the speed limit when less than 100 feet in front of me a car pulls out to pass from behind the car we’re about to meet.

As I see the grill emerge, I’m thinking he’ll pull back in, but no, he comes full out into my lane. I had to execute an emergency stop/dive for the shoulder of the highway. I was going about 50 as I met the car he was trying to pass, and when he cleared the rear of my truck I was in the grass on the shoulder and down to 20 mph… The little truck never slid a tire, didn’t spin, just bit hard and dove for the shoulder as requested. My wife didn’t even have time to scream…

Nobody was hurt, and the idiot (I would use stronger language but I’m over it) didn’t hit my truck. I have no idea the kind of damage an offset front end collision would cause, but I doubt I would be alive to write this.

I’ve owned over a hundred vehicles in my lifetime. Very few of them would have handled the emergency maneuver that I did today with any better manners. The truck didn’t twist or spin or do anything untoward. Only later, upon realization of the event do I appreciate how well it handled.

I escaped with just a very small rock chip from the gravel shoulder on the passenger front lower fender. I am sure it will buff out.

So thanks to the Bondurant High-Performance Driving School I attended and Scott’s Hot Rods for the excellent chassis and brake set up on my truck. I am sure that today the combination of the two saved mine and more importantly, the life of my beautiful wife.

I never considered the chassis purchased a safety item. I always simply thought of the looks and performance.

I now say with confidence I am sure it was worth the money invested. No other modified car or truck I’ve owned would have handled this circumstance with such aplomb.

Thanks, and feel free to use this in any way you can to advertise your excellent product.

Darrell Yates