Matthew Mielczarek’s C10 features a Scott’s Hotrods Bolt-On Independent Front Suspension (IFS) and easily fits 355-WIDE tires on all four corners!

Scott’s Hotrods ’63-’87 GMC/Chevy C-10 Bolt-On IFS

Scott’s C10 Bolt-On IFS kits are one of our most popular we have to offer.  Old trucks handle like broken wagons and Scott’s IFS is the best solution to get your truck handling it’s best.

Like all Scott’s standard IFS systems, each unit is built to spec, individually for each customer.  This allows us to “fine-tune” the suspension.  For those looking to have a tight handling Coilover suspension, we can set it up to be fully tunable and adjustable to get that track handling on the weekends, and comfortable ride for everyday use.  If laying low is your style, we can set you up to run up to a 31” tall tire and still lay frame, while maintaining superior drivability over our competitors.  A Scott’s ‘63-‘87 bolt-on SuperSlam IFS gets nearly 10” of total travel! There is no other 100% bolt -on suspension or dropped crossmember for these trucks.  Scott’s is the only true bolt-on that will get you installed and driving in a weekend.