Why is Scott’s IFS Different?  Because It Is NOT A Mustang II!

At Scott’s we believe that the key to enjoying a hotrod lies in the suspension underneath it and in making the decision to never settle for anything less than perfection.

Every Scott’s IFS comes with a limited lifetime guarantee because of a refusal to use inferior materials. 1-1/8”x1/4” wall DOM seamless tubing is used to make ALL of Scott’s A-Arms, both upper and lower. Each and everyone is CNC machined to provide the highest level of quality and durability. 2”x4”x3/16” wall box tubing is used for every crossmember and are all 100% TIG welded for rigidity and strength.

The concept of a “one-off” suspension built for each and every customer was a difficult one to grasp because of the long standing use and availability of Mustang II’s in the hotrod and street rod community. Fortunately for us, as more and more Scott’s IFS systems began hitting the street, the concept was realized. Scott’s knows that in order for a suspension to function properly, it must have the correct geometry. To achieve this, it must have all of its pivot points in the location they were designed to be in. The moment you change a single one of those pivot points, your suspension will cease to function as it was designed, which is the common mistake of those installing Mustang II’s in their cars. When you order a Scott’s suspension we start from scratch. We gather pertinent vehicle information such as type of vehicle, motor, track width, ride height and work to create something that will net you the correct handling characteristics you are seeking. Your a-arm lengths, cross-member pivot points and entire cross-member will be unique to your vehicle. This will ensure that your suspension will work exactly as advertised, guaranteed!  Scott’s Hotrods builds the best IFS kit on the market.  Scott’s has NEVER built a Mustang II Kit.  All of Scott’s Hotrods manufactured parts are guaranteed to be free from manufacturer’s defects for the lifetime of the part. The warranty is non-transferable.  Visit our FAQ page for more info.

Scott’s Independent Front Suspension

How To Choose A Weld-On or Bolt-On IFS

Scott’s manufactures Weld-On Independent Front Suspension kits for any year/make/model vehicle from 1925-1987 starting at $2,495.  We can even build an IFS to your custom specs for your custom chassis.  Scott’s manufactures select Bolt-On Kits starting at $2,895 a ’48-’54 Chevy Trucks, ’55-’59 Chevy Trucks, ’63-’87 Chevy C10 Trucks, ’48-’50 Ford Trucks and ’57-’60 Ford Trucks.

It is NOT a Mustang II!

Scott’s Hotrods Bolt-On C10 IFS Kit

NO ONE builds a custom IFS Kit better than Scott's

Scott’s Hotrods Weld-On F100 IFS Kit

Scott's Hotrods IFS Pricing 2023

COILOVER IFS KITAldan Single-Adjustable Coilovers, Manual Rack, Tubular A-Arms, Forged Spindles, 11" Rotors, GM caliper, 5x4.5" or 4.75"$3,075
Spring Pocket Replacement IFS KITSpring Pocket Replacement Kits$3,322
Bolt-On IFS KITBolt-On IFS ('48-'54 & '63-'87 Chevy Trucks)$3,567
Bolt-On IFS ('55-'59 Chevy Trucks)$4,128
Van/Cabover IFS KITVan & Cabover IFS Kits$4,059
Rear Steer IFS KITPre 1934 Cars$4,237
IFS ClipCamaro$5,169
Tri 5$5,169
Nova II$4,307
SuperSlam KitsSlam Specialties SS-6 Bags, RideTech HQ Single-Adjustable Shocks+$400
C10 CradlesMotor Mount Cradles ONLY+$140
CoiloversAldan American Single-Adjustable$0
RideTech Single-Adjustable+$750
Aldan American Double-Adjustable+$550
RideTech Triple-Adjustable+$1,850
Rack & PinionPower Rack & Pinion+$310
Right Hand Drive Power Rack & Pinion+$950
Rear Steer Power Rack & Pinion+$950
Sway Bar1" Solid Sway Bar+$356
Torsion Spline Sway Bar+$770
Wilwood SpindlesWilwood ProSpindle, Standard or Drop+$350
Brakes UpgradesWilwood Calipers ONLY, 4-Piston, Black or Red (15" Diameter Wheel Minimum)+$400
Wilwood Calipers ONLY, 4-Piston, Polished (15" Diameter Wheel Minimum)+$470
4-Piston11" D&S Wilwood Kit, Red or Black (15" Diameter Wheel Minimum)+$1,065
4-Piston11" D&S Wilwood Kit, Polished (15" Diameter Wheel Minimum)+$994
4-Piston12" D&S Wilwood Kit, Red or Black (16" Diameter Wheel Minimum)+$1,124
4-Piston12" D&S Wilwood Kit, Polished (16" Diameter Wheel Minimum)+$1,054
6-Piston12" D&S Wilwood Kit, Red or Black (16" Diameter Wheel Minimum)+$1,290
6-Piston13" D&S Wilwood Kit, Red or Black (17" Diameter Wheel Minimum)+$2,085
6-Piston13" D&S Wilwood Kit, Polished (17" Diameter Wheel Minimum)+$2,181
6-Piston14" D&S Wilwood Kit, Red or Black (18" Diameter Wheel Minimum)+$2,270
6-Piston14" D&S Wilwood Kit, Polished (18" Diameter Wheel Minimum)+$2,493
6-Piston, AERO614" D&S Wilwood Kit, Red or Black, AERO6 Caliper (18" Diameter Wheel Minimum)+$2,465
Special Bolt Pattern w/Standard Rotor5x5.5"
5X5" 4-Piston
12" D&S Wilwood Kit, Red or Black, 5x5"+$1,418
6-Piston12" D&S Wilwood Kit, Red or Black, 5x5"+$1,595
6-Piston13" D&S Wilwood Kit, Red or Black (ProSpindle ONLY), 5x5"+$2,114
6-Piston14" D&S Wilwood Kit, Red or Black (ProSpindle ONLY), 5x5"+$2,299
AERO6-Piston15" D&S Wilwood Kit, Red or Black (ProSpindle ONLY) 19" Wheel Minimum$2,614