Nick Gomez’s 1963 C10

This BAD ASS Truck cranked out 1200+ HP to the wheels on a loaded DYNO at just 16 PSI of boost!
This Turck has made it out to a Red List Series race in Bakersfield at Famoso a few years ago and won fastest truck with an off-the-trailer straight from the dyno pass of 165mph @ 8.31 with a 1.12s 60’.mmThe next pass was significantly better off the line, but the transmission left the chat on the 1-2 shift.
Nick has revamped the truck for this year with a bunch of new goodies and it’s now sitting on a 28×10.5 small tire with plans on making its first outing soon in March 2024 weather permitting.

Scott’s Hotrods Bolt-On C10 Coilover IFS Kit

-533ci Big Big Block Chevy
-118mm Precision Turbo
-FTI Powerglide 
-Hughes Billet bolt-together converter 
-MS3ProUltimate ECU
-ProMeth Direct Volute Methanol injection 
-C16 race fuel 
1963 C10 owned by Nick Gomez featuring a Scott's Hotrods Bolt-On IFS Kit

Nick Gomez's 1963 C10 Truck