This Shoebox came to us when we were still in California.   We had started FIXING and REPLACING lots of the sheet metal work that was poorly done years ago.  It made the move with us to Knoxville, Tennessee in 2018.  The Shoebox got put on the back burner and stored in a container on our back lot.  We recently pulled it out and have started working on it again.  Don’t mind the surface rust on some of the parts.  That will be delt with accordingly.

'51 Shoebox Ford - Danny Rowe

Scotts Hotrods employees…the best welders, fabricators and machinists in the industry who manufacture our products 100% in America at our facility.  We have some of the top fabricators in the world working in our shop every day on numerous projects.  The craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail have earned Scott’s Hotrods multiple car show awards over the years including the AMBR award in 2008 and 2010.  Putting quality material and the right tools in the hands of a skilled professional fabricator leads to works of art on wheels.

There are not many shops as well equipped as Scott’s Hotrods.  The 20,000sq/ft shop in Knoxville houses many pieces of equipment that allows Scott’s sheet metal fabricators to create some stunning works of art. The tools in the shop include: English Wheel, Planishing Hammer, Kraftformer, Brake, Shear, Iron Worker, Press Brake, PullMax, Power Hammer, Slip Roll, Radius Bender, Mandrel Bender, Bead Roller and more!