Why is Scott’s Hotrods Different?  

At Scott’s Hotrods we believe, wholeheartedly, that the key to enjoying a hotrod lies in the suspension underneath it and in making the decision to never settle for anything less than perfection.

An extremely popular vehicle, the 1955-1957 Tri 5 Chevy is a strong seller among our weld-on IFS systems.

This is our traditional unit designed just as we have been doing for over 20 years.  Tested and proven both on the track and on the street, this front end design allows the use of any traditional 11″ Granada brake rotors, on up to 14” Wilwood brakes.

Like all Scott’s Hotrods IFS systems, each unit will be built to spec, individually for each customer using 100% USA made materials, engineering and craftsmanship.  This allows us to “fine-tune” the suspension.  For those looking to have a tight handling coil over suspension we can set it up to be fully tunable and adjustable to get that track handling on the weekends, and comfortable ride for everyday use.

There is no other 100% weld-on suspension or dropped crossmember for these vehicles. Scott’s Hotrods will get you installed and driving in a weekend. As always, these units are 100% TIG welded (not MIG welded) and come with Scott’s Hotrods famous lifetime guarantee.

•1-1/8”x1/4” wall tubular upper control arms
•1-1/8”x1/4” wall tubular lower control arms
•Billet, adjustable, upper rod-ends
•Built in anti-dive
•Billet adjustable coilovers or airbags and shocks
•Forged spindles
•Manual rack and pinion steering
•GM calipers
•11” vented rotors
•Serviceable ball joints
•Custom 1” sway bar and hardware
•Inner frame support
•Motor mounts welded in place (when purchased)

From $2,895.00

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A qualified professional mechanic or fabricator with the technical understanding of product function and installation procedures must install all Scott’s Hotrods products.

All of Scott’s Hotrods manufactured parts are guaranteed to be free of from manufacturers defects for the lifetime of the part. Warranty is non-transferable.

The ULTIMATE Suspension Awaits You!

Scott’s Hotrods 1955-1957 Tri 5 Chevy Weld On IFS

NO ONE builds a better weld-on IFS for your 1955-1957 Tri 5 Chevy than Scott's Hotrods!

100% TIG Welded, American Made In-House